Shaun Holly - Utilizing his vast experience in popular radio formats, his mission is to provide a unique voice for the community

Meet Shaun Holly

Radio Station Manager
Arizona HOPE

Employees: 1 of many
Profession: Marketing, Advertising, Promotions

Highlights of Shaun with Arizona HOPE

  • Worked in Dallas, Texas Radio for 3 years
  • Worked in Phoenix, Arizona Radio for 35 years
  • Initiated 'Break Thru Days' by talking to local listeners & asking them to tell their story of what God is doing in their life

Simply stated, since my High School years, I have had a fundamental passion for the day's "pop music". Whether it was joining my high school buddies to perform the latest pop hits as a band at local events, or being riveted to the radio waves of local disc jockeys where I grew up in Dallas, Texas. From there I began my 50-year journey in radio, which included on-air, programming, advertising & marketing and eventually radio management.  All to promote the popular music of the day in various markets throughout the southwest, including Prescott.  After an eventual and brief retirement, a close friend and fellow broadcaster offered me the position of Station Manager to return to Prescott’s only live & local Christian station, ‘103.9 Arizona Hope’. The opportunity was a gift to engage with the local community in many ways, but especially with people sharing their personal, life-changing ‘Break-Thru Stories’ about God getting them through a life-changing moment, and at times, resulting in nothing short of a miracle.

Visit me at my business location
116 S. Alto Street
Prescott, AZ 86303