David Broadwater - As an accomplished air force & airline pilot as well as a graduate from the Air Force Academy in physics & computer science, his drive is to help others solve their own tech issues

Meet David Broadwater

Software Instructor & troubleshooter

Argosy West Computers

Employees: 3
Profession: Instructor

Highlights of David Broadwater with Argosy West Computers

  • Helping 80 year olds being productive with computers
  • Helping clients not to fear computer technology
  • Demonstrating ways to make life better with computer technology

I Really enjoy instructing others.  There is nothing like the feeling I get when any of my students or clients understand the technology & can then start learning on their own.  I fully enjoy teaching the principles of whatever technology it is - to help them learn how to solve their own tech issues.  Not presenting computer issues in a clear & understandable manner is never a good relationship to have with customers or clients.

Visit me at my business location
255 E Sheldon Street, Suite A