Louie Aguilera - He sees building & finishing walls as an art form that delights his clients & creates a better built community

Meet Louie Aguilera

General Building Contractor
Plaster Master Stucco, LLC

Employees: 1
Profession: Stucco Specialist

Highlights of Louie with Plaster Master Stucco, LLC

  • Stuccoed the First Trinity High School Building
  • Stuccoed the Yavapai Casino
  • Stuccoed & finished: Chick-Fil-e, Panera Bread, Augies, Einstein Bagels, Sportsman's Warehouse & Denny's In PV

I have always been artistically inclined.  I saw that stucco was, in its unique way, an art form.  At a young age I eased into the construction industry by helping a friend on various construction projects.  In short time, I became a general contractor doing most phases of construction.  About 1992, I found my passion in plastering - I was really good at it & I love it.