Mike Kaine - Having been a soldier, technician & engineer, his real world skill set has given all his clients satisfaction & happiness

Mike Kaine

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, AZ Properties

Employees: 1
Profession: Realtor, ABR

Highlights of Mike with Berkshire Hathaway

  • Successful closing on a home sale listing
  • Successful in finding the buyer for their dream home
  • Successful in listing commercial real estate & negotiating a fair price

I have always enjoyed working with people, and being a REALTOR give me the opportunity in using my skills in in finding a fair price for a home for a buyer and/or seller.  There are many factors that goes into doing a compressive marketing analysis, and I find it challenging and rewarding.  For me, I like to see home sale trends and sale statistics.  This is why I have created a website homesalestrends.com that is dedicated to home sale trends in our local real estate market.  As we go through life, at times we wear different hats that help prepare us for the next position.  For me, I've been a soldier, a technician, an engineer, and started in Real Estate in 1995 with Fiscus Realty in Billings, Montana.  I have been working in real estqte in the local Prescott area since 2008.  Having a Business Degree with Information System Option has enabled me to have a Business Plan and the technical skills to work in this challenging industry.  For me, success isn't measured by how many homes I've sold, but the satisfaction & happiness of my clients.    

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605 E. Gurley, Prescott, AZ 86301