Chris & Andi Remy - Their love and passion for assisting seniors & their families extends by giving them more time to enjoy that chapter within their lives

Meet Chris & Andi Remy

Business Owners
Oasis Senior Advisors of Northern Arizona

Employees: Themselves
Profession: Assistance in finding the best senior living & resources that fit unique needs

Highlights of Oasis Senior Advisors

  • Bringing comfort & peace to families by finding the right resources
  • Lifting the burden of searching for resources & placement for families
  • Helping by advising families of their choices in order to make better decisions

Our love & passion for assisting seniors & their families began after experiencing the various struggles our grandparents encountered throughout the process of aging.  Our compassion has grown over the years with our professional experiences, as we realized we can be the resource that our family didn't have during that time.  We feel our profession is ideal for us to carry out our vision: being that link between our clients, families and the variety of potential communities available for them.  We love what they do and love that we can serve Northern Arizona in this way.